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The Shaker Museum|Mount Lebanon is currently closed at the North Family historic site for the winter. Our season of exhibitions, tours and programs begins on June 19, 2015.


Upcoming Exhibitions

The Shaker Museum Collection in Europe
March 13 - 22, 2015
European Fine Art Fair
Maastricht, Netherlands

Click here for an article in the New York Times about the Museum's collections featuring in an all-Shaker show at the prestigious European Fine Art Fair next spring.

Current Exhibitions

The Shakers: America's Quiet Revolutionaries
November 15, 2014- March 6, 2016
New York State Museum

The New York State Museum, in collaboration with the ShakerMuseum|Mount Lebanon, Hancock Shaker Village, and the Shaker Heritage Society (Albany), as well as the State Library and State Archives, presents a major new exhibition detailing one of the most significant and influential communal religious groups in American history. Artifacts from these preeminent Shaker collections are exhibited together for the very first time.

To watch a video trailer for "America's Quiet Revolutionaries", please click on the picture above.

For more information on this exhibition,
please visit the New York State Museum's website by clicking here.
For any other questions, please contact us.

From Mount Lebanon to the World

June 14, 2014 - March 8, 2015

Farnsworth Art Museum

In close collaboration with the Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon and Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, the Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland, Maine is opening a major exhibition on the Shakers. The exhibit draws primarily on the broad collection of items from Mount Lebanon, and focuses on the community as the spiritual and administrative center of Shaker life. Using this lens, the show will present a historical overview of Shaker religious, social and economic life. It is the first major exhibition to focus to such an extent on the Mount Lebanon Shaker society.

For more information on this exhibit, please click here. Visit the Farnsworth website here. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Click here to watch a video lecture by Brother Arnold Hadd of Sabbathday Lake, given at the Farnsworth Art Museum in June 2014.


Online Exhibitions

The Great Stone Barn Project

2013-2014 Exhibition

Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon

The Great Stone Barn was the North Family's iconic structure, and the largest Stone barn in America when built in 1859. In 2013-14 the Museum will be undertaking a stabilization of the massive stone remains. The exhibition, in the Poultry House, traces its history, functioning and current restoration. To view the accompanying online exhibition please click here.

Celebrate National Women's History Month:

An Online Shaker Sketchbook

Everyone has a story. Whether profound achievements or simple acts, great stories have something unexpected that is worth telling. In celebration of March, National Women's History Month, we feature the strange, funny, moving, yet not often told stories of 21 Shaker women. Read for yourself how extraordinary the stories of ordinary women can be. Each weekday a new Shaker biography will be featured.

Click here to access the women's biographies.

Then, click on a picture to learn more about each.

Note: Some women may have more than one image associated with them.

All the image information is available in the biographies.